Research-Active Faculty

All Enzymology

Cho, Jae-Hyun

Research Focus: protein-protein interactions, NMR, crystallography, structural biology, protein motion, inhibitor development, influenza virus, thermodynamics, kinetics

Devarenne, Tim

Research Focus: Algal hydrocarbons, Botryococcus braunii, plant pathogen interactions, programmed cell death, protein kinase signaling

Glasner, Margaret

Research Focus: protein evolution, enzyme promiscuity, metabolic pathway evolution, metabolic pathway discovery, comparative genomics

Lindahl, Paul

Research Focus: bioinorganic, biophysical, bioanalytical, metal ions, trafficking, math modeling, Mössbauer spectroscopy, chromatography, ICP-MS, mitochondria, labile metal pools, ironomics, Saccharomyces cerevisiae, Jurkat cells, hemochromatosis, mice

Liu, Wenshe

Research Focus: COVID-19 drug discovery, chromatin biology, cancer epigenetics, posttranslational histone modifications, cancer drug discovery, the genetic code expansion, medicinal chemistry, structural biology, chemical biology

Meek, Thomas

Research Focus: Determine chemical mechanisms of enzymes which are essential to infectious organisms, rational design of enzyme inhibitors

Pellois, Jean-Philippe

Research Focus: membrane biochemistry, molecular engineering and probe design, cellular delivery, cell injury and regeneration

Raushel, Frank

Research Focus: enzyme catalysis, protein engineering & design, bioinformatics, catalytic detoxification, protein structure determination, new enzyme discovery, biosynthesis of complex carbohydrates, novel enzymes from human microbiome, orphan enzymes

Rye, Hays

Research Focus: molecular chaperones, protein folding, protein quality control, disaggregation, membrane dynamics, membrane fission, nanoparticle dynamics, single molecule fluorescence

Sacchettini, James

Research Focus: Drug discovery and disease-related structural biology, including Tuberculosis, Malaria, Cryptosporidiosis, Chagas disease, Cancer, and Menkes syndrome​

Straight, Paul

Research Focus: bacteria, microbiology, metabolism, antibiotics, signaling, microbial communities, secondary metabolites, bacillus subtilis, streptomyces, motility, bacterial genetics, mass spectrometry

Tommos, Cecilia

Research Focus: protein electron transfer, proton-coupled electron transfer, PCET, amino-acid radicals, protein design, protein film voltammetry, unnatural (noncanonical) amino acids, chemical biology

Wand, Josh

Research Focus: molecular recognition, drug discovery, protein dynamics, NMR spectroscopy, thermodynamics, protein engineering, protein biologics, ubiquitin E3 ligases, parkin, membrane proteins, prostate cancer, Parkinson’s disease