Research-Active Faculty

All Microorganisms and Phage

Chapkin, Robert

Research Focus: proteolipid nanoclustering, membrane therapy , stem cells, exfoliomics and systems biology, aryl hydrocarbon receptor, host-microbe crosstalk, transgenic mouse models, precision nutrition

Herman, Jennifer

Research Focus: Bacillus, bacterial genetics, cell division, development, DNA replication, gene function discovery, metabolism, morphogenesis, sporulation, uncharacterized gene function

Raushel, Frank

Research Focus: enzyme catalysis, protein engineering & design, bioinformatics, catalytic detoxification, protein structure determination, new enzyme discovery, biosynthesis of complex carbohydrates, novel enzymes from human microbiome, orphan enzymes

Sacchettini, James

Research Focus: Drug discovery and disease-related structural biology, including Tuberculosis, Malaria, Cryptosporidiosis, Chagas disease, Cancer, and Menkes syndrome​

Straight, Paul

Research Focus: bacteria, microbiology, metabolism, antibiotics, signaling, microbial communities, secondary metabolites, bacillus subtilis, streptomyces, motility, bacterial genetics, mass spectrometry

Young, Ry

Research Focus: bacteriophage and bacterial molecular biology, membrane proteins, prokaryotic and phage bioinformatics and genomics, genetic engineering, phage therapeutics

Zeng, Lanying

Research Focus: Cellular decision making, cellular dynamics, quantitative biology, biophysics, bacteriophage, stochastic gene expression, high-resolution and super-resolution fluorescence microscopy, mathematical modeling

Zhang, Junjie

Research Focus: Translation in mycobacteria​, intoxication and neutralization of the toxins from clostridium difficile​, single-stranded RNA bacteriophages and their applications for RNA delivery​