Unraveling the Mysteries

Research Faculty

Meet Dorothy Shippen, one of our many accomplished research faculty. Dorothy Shippen’s Lab includes research focused on telomerase, telomere, Arabidopsis, chromosome, ribonucleoprotein.

Recent Publications

  1. Binding of fatty acids and peroxisome proliferators to orthologous fatty acid binding proteins from human, murine, and bovine liver
  2. The Cotton Wall-Associated Kinase GhWAK7A Mediates Responses to Fungal Wilt Pathogens by Complexing with the Chitin Sensory Receptors.
  3. Revisiting Allostery in the Lac Repressor Protein
  4. Phages will out: strategies of host cell lysis.
  5. Enhanced Antibiotic Discovery by PROSPECTing.
  6. MicroRNA expression in the livers of inbred mice
  7. Formation and photocatalytic properties of Q-sized nanoparticles of various transition metal sulphides in the inner cavities of lecithin vesicles modified with sodium dodecylsulphate
  8. ERBB3-independent activation of the PI3K pathway in EGFR-mutant lung adenocarcinomas.