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Research Faculty

Meet Lanying Zeng, one of our many accomplished research faculty. Lanying Zeng’s Lab includes research focused on Cellular decision making, cellular dynamics, quantitative biology, biophysics, bacteriophage, stochastic gene expression, high-resolution ....

Recent Publications

  1. Annexin A2 modulates phospholipid membrane composition upstream of Arp2 to control angiogenic sprout initiation.
  2. FDX1-dependent and independent mechanisms of elesclomol-mediated intracellular copper delivery.
  3. Design of the Building Research in CRC prevention (BRIDGE-CRC) trial: a 6-month, parallel group Mediterranean diet and weight loss randomized controlled lifestyle intervention targeting the bile acid-gut microbiome axis to reduce colorectal cancer risk among African American/Black adults with obesity.
  4. scTenifoldXct: A semi-supervised method for predicting cell-cell interactions and mapping cellular communication graphs.
  5. Aryl Hydrocarbon Receptor (AhR) Signaling in Colonic Cells and Tumors
  6. Baseline Gait and Motor Function Predict Long-Term Severity of Neurological Outcomes of Viral Infection.
  7. Health Benefits of Coffee Consumption for Cancer and Other Diseases and Mechanisms of Action.
  8. Bulk and mosaic deletions of Egfr reveal regionally defined gliogenesis in the developing mouse forebrain