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Research Faculty

Meet Xiuren Zhang, one of our many accomplished research faculty. Xiuren Zhang’s Lab includes research focused on RNA silencing, RNA structure and remodeling, ribonuceloprotein complexes, epitranscriptome, epigenetics, host-virus interaction, ....

Recent Publications

  1. Fat Mass Gained Prior to Dietary Intervention Predicts Efficacy of Personalized Dietary Guidance in Mice
  2. Gut microbiota and host genetics modulate the effect of diverse diet patterns on metabolic health.
  3. Interplay between an ATP-binding cassette F protein and the ribosome from Mycobacterium tuberculosis
  4. Population structure and inbreeding in wild house mice (Mus musculus) at different geographic scales.
  5. Elucidating Mechanisms of Tolerance to Salmonella Typhimurium across Long-Term Infections Using the Collaborative Cross.
  6. Short chain fatty acids exhibit selective estrogen receptor downregulator (SERD) activity in breast cancer.
  7. Impact of E-cig aerosol vaping on fetal and neonatal respiratory development and function.
  8. Bayesian biclustering for microbial metagenomic sequencing data via multinomial matrix factorization.