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Research Faculty

Meet Josh Wand, one of our many accomplished research faculty. Josh Wand’s Lab includes research focused on molecular recognition, drug discovery, protein dynamics, NMR spectroscopy, thermodynamics, protein engineering, protein biologics, ....

Recent Publications

  1. Rat liver phosphofructokinase: use of fluorescence polarization to study aggregation at low protein concentration.
  2. Analysis of chromatin decondensation by means of gel electrophoresis in low-density agarose
  3. Genetic characterization of invasive house mouse populations on small islands
  4. The Tsr chemosensory transducer of Escherichia coli assembles into the cytoplasmic membrane via a SecA-dependent process.
  5. Live Imaging and Analysis of Muscle Contractions in Drosophila Embryo.
  6. [Environmental Estrogens]: Response
  7. The ubiquitous transcriptional protein ZNF143 activates a diversity of genes while assisting to organize chromatin structure.
  8. Efficacy of EGFR inhibition is modulated by model, sex, genetic background and diet: implications for preclinical cancer prevention and therapy trials.