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Research Faculty

Meet Sing-Hoi Sze, one of our many accomplished research faculty. Sing-Hoi Sze’s Lab includes research focused on bioinformatics, computational biology, sequence analysis, biological networks, high-throughput sequencing.

Recent Publications

  1. Tip-enhanced Raman imaging of plasmon-driven dimerization of 4-bromothiophenol on nickel-decorated gold nanoplate bimetallic nanostructures.
  2. Surface-enhanced Raman spectroscopy hair analysis after household contamination.
  3. Role of Saturation and Length of Fatty Acids of Phosphatidylserine in the Aggregation of Transthyretin.
  4. Elucidation of Secondary Structure and Toxicity of -Synuclein Oligomers and Fibrils Grown in the Presence of Phosphatidylcholine and Phosphatidylserine.
  5. Elucidation of the Role of Lipids in Late Endosomes on the Aggregation of Insulin.
  6. Fatty Acids Reverse the Supramolecular Chirality of Insulin Fibrils.
  7. Flavonoids Quercetin and Kaempferol Are NR4A1 Antagonists and Suppress Endometriosis in Female Mice.
  8. Mitochondrial phospholipid metabolism in health and disease.