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Research Faculty

Meet Tatyana Igumenova, one of our many accomplished research faculty. Tatyana Igumenova’s Lab includes research focused on signal transduction, membrane proteins, lipid membranes, lipid-activated kinases, AGC kinases, protein structure and dynamics, protein ....

Recent Publications

  1. Plant Cell Surface Molecular Cypher: Receptor-Like Proteins and Their Roles in Immunity and Development
  2. The ubiquitous transcriptional protein ZNF143 activates a diversity of genes while assisting to organize chromatin structure.
  3. Genetic characterization of invasive house mouse populations on small islands
  4. Live Imaging and Analysis of Muscle Contractions in Drosophila Embryo.
  5. Efficacy of EGFR inhibition is modulated by model, sex, genetic background and diet: implications for preclinical cancer prevention and therapy trials.
  6. Detection and Identification of Fungal Infections in Intact Wheat and Sorghum Grain Using a Hand-Held Raman Spectrometer
  7. Induction of string rescues the neuroblast proliferation defect in trol mutant animals.
  8. Intragenic suppressor mutations that restore export of maltose binding protein with a truncated signal peptide.