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Research Faculty

Meet Jean-Philippe Pellois, one of our many accomplished research faculty. Jean-Philippe Pellois’s Lab includes research focused on membrane biochemistry, molecular engineering and probe design, cellular delivery, cell-to-cell communication.

Recent Publications

  1. FDX1 is required for the biogenesis of mitochondrial cytochrome c oxidase in mammalian cells.
  2. Bis-indole-derived NR4A1 antagonists inhibit colon tumor and splenic growth and T-cell exhaustion.
  3. Saturation of fatty acids in phosphatidic acid uniquely alters transthyretin stability changing morphology and toxicity of amyloid fibrils.
  4. Secondary structure and toxicity of transthyretin fibrils can be altered by unsaturated fatty acids.
  5. Elucidating the Role of Lipids in the Aggregation of Amyloidogenic Proteins.
  6. The Toxicities of A30P and A53T -Synuclein Fibrils Can be Uniquely Altered by The Length and Saturation of Fatty Acids in Phosphatidylserine.
  7. Secondary structure and toxicity of lysozyme fibrils are determined by the length and unsaturation of phosphatidic acid.
  8. Precision pharmacological reversal of strain-specific diet-induced metabolic syndrome in mice informed by epigenetic and transcriptional regulation.