Research-Active Faculty

All Membrane Transport, Structure, and Function

Chapkin, Robert

Research Focus: proteolipid nanoclustering, membrane therapy , stem cells, exfoliomics and systems biology, aryl hydrocarbon receptor, host-microbe crosstalk, transgenic mouse models, precision nutrition

Gohil, Vishal

Research Focus: mitochondria, mitochondrial respiratory chain, metals, membranes, metabolism, mitochondrial disorders, copper, cardiolipin, elesclomol, menkes disease

Igumenova, Tatyana

Research Focus: signal transduction, membrane proteins, lipid membranes, lipid-activated kinases, AGC kinases, protein structure and dynamics, protein kinase C, synaptotagmin I, lipid-binding domains, xenobiotic metal ions, Pb(II) and Cd(II) toxicity, NMR

Pellois, Jean-Philippe

Research Focus: membrane biochemistry, molecular engineering and probe design, cellular delivery, cell injury and regeneration

Polymenis, Michael

Research Focus: cell cycle, protein synthesis, ribosomal proteins, metabolism, cell size, longevity, yeast

Rye, Hays

Research Focus: molecular chaperones, protein folding, protein quality control, disaggregation, membrane dynamics, membrane fission, nanoparticle dynamics, single molecule fluorescence

Wand, Josh

Research Focus: molecular recognition, drug discovery, protein dynamics, NMR spectroscopy, thermodynamics, protein engineering, protein biologics, ubiquitin E3 ligases, parkin, membrane proteins, prostate cancer, Parkinson’s disease