Research-Active Faculty

All Plant Biochemistry and Genetics

Devarenne, Tim

Research Focus: Algal hydrocarbons, Botryococcus braunii, plant pathogen interactions, programmed cell death, protein kinase signaling

Kurouski, Dmitry

Research Focus: Raman-based plant disease diagnostics​, development of nano-infrared spectroscopy (afm-ir) for structural characterization of amyloids and plant waxes​, photo- and electrochemical catalysis at nanosclae​, forensics​

Mullet, John

Research Focus: Developing next-generation crops through the study of genomics, gene regulatory networks, development, drought resilience, bioenergy crop design

Park, William

Research Focus: mediator complex, gene regulation, regulatory evolution, stress tolerance, yeast

Shippen, Dorothy

Research Focus: Telomerase regulation, mechanisms of telomere length control, the role of telomere-associated factors in the response to oxidative stress

Zhang, Xiuren

Research Focus: RNA silencing, RNA structure and remodeling, ribonuceloprotein complexes, epitranscriptome, epigenetics, host-virus interaction, geminivirus, cucumber mosaic virus