Spring 2023 Seminars

Jan. 18Dr. Robert ChapkinNutrition & Food Science, Biochemistry and BiophysicsTexas A&M Dr. Ping He
Feb. 8Dr. Lori BurrowsBiochemistry and Biomedical SciencesMcMaster UniversityDr. Lanying Zeng
Feb. 15Dr. Audrey LambDepartment of ChemistryUniversity of Texas, San AntonioDr. Thomas Meek
Feb. 22Dr. Mark BedfordDepartment of Epigenetics and Molecular CarinogenesisUniversity of Texas MD Anderson Cancer CenterDr. Mary Bryk
Mar. 1Dr. Xuehua ZhongDepartment of BiologyWashington University in St. LouisDr. Xiuren Zhang
Mar. 8Dr. Frank RaushelDepartment of ChemistryTexas A&MDr. Xiuren Zhang
Mar. 22Dr. Vincent HilserDepartment of BiologyJohns Hopkins UniversityDr. Joshua Wand
Mar. 29Dr. Amy KeatingDepartment of BiologyMassachusetts Institute of TechnologyDr. Margaret Glasner
Apr.5Dr. Mingyang LuDepartment of BioengineeringNortheastern UniversityDr. Junjie Zhang
Apr. 12Dr. Jeetain MittalDepartment of Chemical EngineeringTexas A&MDr. Jae-Hyun Cho
Apr. 19Dr. Amy WhitakerFox Chase Cancer CenterBGA
Apr. 26Dr. Jennifer C. LeeNational Heart, Lung, and Blood InstituteDr. Dmitry Kurouski
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Fall 2022 Seminars

Date Speaker NameDepartmentUniversityHostSeminar Title
8-AugDzmitry KurouskiBiochemistry and BiophysicsTexas A&M University AgrilifeDr. Ping HeStructural characterization of biological systems at macro and nanoscale using vibrational spectroscopy
10-AugVishal GohilBiochemistry and BiophysicsTexas A&M University AgrilifeDr. Ping HeMetals and Membranes in Mitochondrial Metabolism and Human Disease
12-AugLanying ZengBiochemistry and BiophysicsTexas A&M University AgrilifeDr. Ping HeSingle-Cell Studies of Phage Infection and Implications on Antibacterial Strategies
15-AugTatyana IgumenovaBiochemistry and BiophysicsTexas A&M University AgrilifeDr. Ping HeRegulation of lipid signaling by peripheral membrane proteins: A trilogy
31-AugEvanthia Roussos TorresOncologyUniversity of Southern CaliforniaDr. Vishal Gohil ( Climate & Diversity Committee)Suppressing Suppression: A myeloid centric approach to immune sensitization of the breast cancer microenvironment
7-SepWah ChiuBioengineeringStanford University and SLAC National Accelerator LaboratoryDr. Junjie ZhangCryogenic electron imaging of biomolecules and cells beyond expectations.
14-SepMatthias KochBiologyTexas A&M UniversityBGAThe bacterial sense of touch: how single cells distinguish soft from firm using molecular-scale fingers
21-SepKimberly ReynoldsGreen Center for Systems Biology and Dept. of BiophysicsUniversity of Texas Southwestern Medical CenterDr. Jennifer HermanThe Genetic Landscape of a Metanbolic Interaction
28-SepTom NiehausPlant and Microbial BiologyUniversity of MinnesotaDr. Timothy DevarenneOAT1 is a universal metabolite repair enzyme that removes a strong inhibitor of the TCA cycle
5-OctAndrew DillinMolecular & Cell BiologyUC BerkeleyDr. Hays RyeOrchestrating Aging across a troubled soma; insights into the molecular basis of aging
12-OctSharon DentEpigenetics and Molecualr CarcinogenesisThe University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer CenterDr. Mary BrykSAGA Functions in Development and Disease
19-OctVincenzo VendittiChemistryIowa State UniversityDr. Jae-Hyun ChoConformational disorder in regulation of enzymatic catalysis
26-OctSteve SligarMoleuclar & Cellular BiologyUniversity of Illinois at Urbana-ChampaignJosh Wand (Reinhart Biophysica Lecture series)Nanodiscs for Revealing the Structure and Function of Membrane Proteins
2-NovCraig KaplanBiological SciencesUniversity of PittsburghDr. Michael PolymenisMechanisms of RNA Polymerase II Transcription
9-NovQian YinBiological SciencesFlorida State UniversityDr. Pingwei LiHigher order oligomerization of KicGAS is essential for DNA-induced phase separation and cGAS inhibition
16-NovDaniel J. KosmanBiochemistryUniversity of Buffalo (SUNY Buffalo)Dr. Paul LindahlA Basic Science CRO: Molecular Cell Mechanisms of an Iron Chelator in Clinical Trials for Multiple System Atrophy
30-NovZachary LippmanCold Spring Harbor LaboratoryDr. Libo ShanDynamic evolution of gene duplications in shaping trait variationĀ in nature and agriculture