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Research Faculty

Meet Ry Young, one of our many accomplished research faculty. Ry Young’s Lab includes research focused on bacteriophage and bacterial molecular biology, membrane proteins, prokaryotic and phage bioinformatics and genomics, genetic engineering, ....

Recent Publications

  1. An unanticipated discourse of HB-EGF with VANGL2 signaling during embryo implantation.
  2. Tip-Enhanced Raman Imaging of Plasmon-Driven Coupling of 4-Nitrobenzenethiol on Au-Decorated Magnesium Nanostructures
  3. Surface-enhanced Raman spectroscopy is capable of precise differentiation between re-dyed hair samples.
  4. scTenifoldXct: A semi-supervised method for predicting cell-cell interactions and mapping cellular communication graphs.
  5. Precision pharmacological reversal of genotype-specific diet-induced metabolic syndrome in mice informed by transcriptional regulation.
  6. Noncanonical role of singleminded-2s in mitochondrial respiratory chain formation in breast cancer.
  7. Elucidation of the Effect of Phospholipid Charge on the Rate of Insulin Aggregation and Structure and Toxicity of Amyloid Fibrils.
  8. Protein-to-lipid ratio uniquely changes the rate of lysozyme aggregation but does not significantly alter toxicity of mature protein aggregates.