Force Requests & Prerequisites


BICH 410 and BICH 411 will be utilizing the registrar’s waitlist system for the foreseeable future.

All other courses will require a force request if you are unable to secure a seat during registration.

Please visit the registrar’s website for more detailed information about the waitlist, how to enroll, and the notification process: https://aggie.tamu.edu/registration-and-records/classes/registration/waitlist-information. Be sure to check the FAQs found on that same webpage for any questions you may have.

Departments and advisors do not control the waitlist. Please do not email your advisor or the department to ask for a status update or to see where you are on the waitlist. You will be automatically notified via your TAMU email if a seat is available and it is your turn to register.

REMINDER: Students are not guaranteed a specific position on the waitlist and being on a waitlist does not guarantee a seat will be made available in the course. Students should monitor their TAMU email account regularly to check for waitlist notices.

Force Requests

Force Requests for GENE 301 or GENE 312

If you are a student in need of GENE 301 or GENE 312 during the Summer 2022 or Fall 2022 semesters, you must read the information below carefully.

The force request process for GENE 301/312 has changed significantly, and failure to follow instructions and meet deadlines will result in you being unable to take GENE 301 or GENE 312 in the coming terms.

There will be no GENE 301 seats released to Howdy during preregistration. We will fill all GENE 301 sections to capacity (excluding honors sections) solely via force request. The force link will open on March 31 and will close on April 15. Absolutely no late force requests will be accepted under any circumstances, since we will immediately begin to enroll students in the course once the list has closed. Failure to submit a force request prior to the deadline will mean you cannot take GENE 301 during the Summer or Fall 2022 terms. This change in process is to ensure graduating seniors or students who are locked into a course progression that requires GENE are not delayed in their graduation.

If you know you need a seat in GENE 301 during Summer or Fall 2022, you must fill out a force request. No seats will be released in Howdy for students to register themselves in GENE 301. Do not continue to wait and watch Howdy for a seat release; GENE 301 enrollment will be filled solely via force request. If you are interested in one of the honors sections, those are the only seats that will be released to Howdy for students to register. Those seats are freely available to honors students throughout preregistration, and no force requests will be accepted for HONORS GENE 301.

If you need a seat in GENE 301 for the coming term, please fill out a request at the form below no later than April 15. No late force requests will be accepted.

Force Requests for all other BICH/GENE courses


We will be processing requests May 5-30. Decisions regarding force requests will be completed and communicated by May 30. No late force requests will be accepted. 

Please do not email your advisor or the department for a status update on your force request. All communication will be sent out by the date listed above. 

Please be aware that force requests DO NOT guarantee you a spot in the course. Force requests are processed based on graduation needs first, then prerequisite and course sequencing needs, then by date/time stamp.  


  • If you are already enrolled in the course you are requesting, your force request will not be processed. Please monitor the course schedule in Howdy for a seat in another section if you wish to change sections. 
  • If you request a force into a waitlisted course, your force request will not be processed (please see the “Waitlist” section above for courses utilizing the wait list).  
  • We cannot force you into another department’s courses! If you submit a force request for courses other than BICH or GENE, your request will not be processed. You will need to reach out to each department individually for their force request/waitlist policy. 
  • If you submit a request for a course that does not exist, i.e., “BICH 301” or “GENE 410,” your request will not be processed. 
  • No duplicate requests will be processed. If you submit more than one request for the same course and do not notify our office as to why, only the most recent request will be processed; no other versions of the request will be considered. 

If you need to update or make a change to your force request, please email biobiougradadv@ag.tamu.edu


Prerequisites for BICH and GENE courses are listed in Howdy. Please contact your advisor for more information on transfer credits.  

If you have not completed the prerequisite for a course, you will not be granted access to register in that course. 

If you submit a force request for a BICH or GENE course for which you do not have the prerequisite, your force request will not be processed.  If you are taking a prerequisite at another university or institution, and are requesting a force into the successive course, your force request will not be processed unless you can show completion of the prerequisite course during the force request time frame. We will not consider force requests for prerequisite courses in-progress at institutions outside of Texas A&M. Once you have completed the prerequisite, and can provide proof of completion (transcript with the course’s final grade), you can request an override into your desired class by emailing biobiougradadv@ag.tamu.edu. An override does not enroll you in a course, but it does give you the ability to register for the course if a seat is available.