Force Requests & Prerequisites

Waitlisted Courses

The Department of Biochemistry and Biophysics is phasing out the old class force request system of students submitting a form requesting a force for most courses. Beginning with registration for the Fall 2021 semester we will be using the registrar’s waitlist system for all courses other than: GENE 301/312, GENE 302/314, GENE 320, GENE 405, GENE 406, GENE 421,  BICH 412, BICH/GENE 419, BICH/GENE 431, and BICH/GENE 432  – these courses will use the force request system as noted below.

ALL other BICH and GENE courses will use the registrar’s waitlist system. See below for detailed information regarding the waitlist.Force requests must be submitted from your TAMU email address. Force requests submitted from other email accounts will be discarded. We begin working on force requests after the force request form closes and will complete them before the first day of spring classes.

A video is available here with detailed instructions on how students can be added to the wait list. A FAQ’s page can be found here

Please note: The video states that you have 48 hours to register once a seat becomes available. This is incorrect. You are given approximately 24 hours in which to register yourself; please view the Notification Schedule information below.

Reminder: Students are not guaranteed a specific position on the waitlist and being on the waitlist does not guarantee a seat will be available in the course. Students should monitor their TAMU email account regularly to check for waitlist notices. Once you elect to add yourself to a waitlist, you are responsible for monitoring your TAMU email daily as prompt action is required, otherwise the notice will expire approximately 24 hours after the email is sent and notice would be sent to the next designated person from the waitlist. Waitlists are first come, first served. 

If seat(s) become available to an eligible student on the waitlist, that student will be notified via email notification and will be given the opportunity to add themselves to the course. A student will have approximately 24 hours from receiving this email to register for the class.

Notification Schedule

  • Notices will be sent at approximately 11pm on Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday night if a spot becomes available. Students will have to take action before the notice expires approximately 4pm the next day.
  • Notices will only be sent on Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday nights, excluding holidays or university closures.
  • Students who receive a notice are required to add themselves to the class. Students are not automatically added to a course if offered a seat from the waitlist.

Note: Students can drop themselves from a waitlist during any valid registration period. Students do not have to wait to drop from a waitlist, especially if they know they no longer wish to be on the waitlist. We encourage students to remove themselves from a waitlist if they no longer wish to be given consideration should a seat become available.

General Guidelines

  • Courses enabled with waitlist option can be found searching for ‘WAIT’ in the Class Attribute field, leaving the Subject field ‘blank’, in the online Advanced Class Search.
  • Waitlisting does NOT guarantee a seat will be offered in the course.
  • For courses offering a waitlist – if/when a seat ‘opens up’, the class schedule may display the class not being full, however, any available seat will only be provided to students on the waitlist. DO NOT DROP A CLASS in an attempt to get a seat in a class with a waitlist. This may result in you losing a seat you had in your dropped course AND not being able to add the other course because it is being offered to others already on the waitlist.
  • Waitlisted courses do not count towards enrolled hours.
  • All pre-requisite, registration restrictions, and registration holds apply to whether or not a student can waitlist a course.
  • Students can sign up on a waitlist for departments offering the waitlist option AND if the course is full.
  • Students are NOT automatically enrolled in a course from the waitlist. Students must take action themselves to enroll in a wait list class.

Please remember: If you are unable to get into any of these courses during your preregistration period: GENE 301/312, GENE 302/314, GENE 320, GENE 405, GENE 406, GENE 421, BICH 412, BICH/GENE 419 or BICH/GENE 432, you will need to follow our force request procedure by filling out a force request form during open registration.

Force Requests

Next force request dates: May 13 (9:00 a.m.)– May 25 (12:00 p.m.)

A force request form will become available on this page during the above dates and times.

Force requests must be submitted from your TAMU email address. Force requests submitted from other email accounts will not be processed. Force requests will be reviewed and processed from May 26-June 30.  Decisions regarding force requests will be completed and communicated by July 1.  Summer force requests will be completed and decisions communicated before summer classes begin.

Please be aware that force requests DO NOT guarantee you a spot in the course. Force requests are processed based on graduation needs first, then prerequisite and course sequencing needs, then by date/time stamp.  

Force requests are intended for students unable to register for a course during their preregistration period. 

Please note: If you are already enrolled in the course you are requesting, your force request will not be processed. If you request a force into a waitlisted course, your force request will not be processed (please see the preceding instructions for courses utilizing the wait list).  If you need to update or make a change to your force request, please email: biobiougradadv@tamu.edu


Prerequisites for BICH and GENE courses are listed in Howdy. Please contact the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences Advising Center 5 for more information on transfer credits. 

If you have not completed the prerequisite for a course you will not be granted access to register in that course. 

If you a requesting a force request for a BICH or GENE course for which you do not have the prerequisite, your force request will not be processed.  If you are taking a prerequisite during the summer and are requesting a force into that course for the fall, your force request will not be processed. Once you have completed the prerequisite, and can provide proof of completion (transcript, etc), you can request an override and/or force into your desired fall class pending seat availability, by emailing: biobiougradadv@tamu.edu.