Force Requests & Waitlists

Beginning with Spring 2024 course registration, the department will no longer be utilizing the registrar’s waitlist system, nor will we be accepting force requests.


Seats will be released in increments during Preregistration to allow each priority group/classification a chance to register in classes prior to Open Registration. Note that adding seats is a manual process, meaning seats will be added at the beginning of office hours, usually between 8:00am and 9:00am. If you are unable to secure a seat during your Preregistration time, you may look for an available seat once Open Registration begins.


Pre-registration assignment times can be found in your Howdy portal. You may refer to the registrar’s website for more information about registration times and dates:


Please do not contact the department or our advisors to ask for a force request or how to enroll on a waitlist.




If you need an override to register for a course, you must first complete this request form:

Students who submit override requests prior to Open Registration (November 20) will typically be notified via email of the outcome of their requests within 48 hours. However, requests for major overrides will not be processed until after Open Registration begins.


  • We do not provide prerequisite overrides for courses in progress at other institutions. You must be able to provide an unofficial transcript with a final grade in the course to receive a prerequisite override.
    • The transcript must include your full name, the institution’s name, the course name & number, and the final grade. We will not provide the override if any of this information is missing.
  • We do not provide prerequisite overrides if a course is not on your degree plan. For example, if you need to take BICH 410 but your degree plan doesn’t require CHEM 228 (Organic Chemistry II), you must still complete CHEM 228, no exceptions.
  • Most BICH/GENE courses have Classification restrictions (U3/U4 only). If you have a legitimate need to take a course that has a CLASS restriction, you will need to complete the override form linked above.