Advising & Support

Making an Appointment

Undergraduate advising is centralized through the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences (COALS). Visit the COALS advising page for more information.

COALS Advising

Biochemistry and Genetics Advisors

Office: Kleberg Center (KLCT), Suite 114

Khara Spears
Office: KLCT 114C

David Wellman
Phone: 979-845-1609
Office: KLCT 109C

Poppy Capehart
Phone: 979-845-2142
Office: KLCT 114B



Preparing for a Meeting?

To prepare for your meeting, bring a list of questions or issues you would like to discuss. If you need assistance with your schedule or long-term planning, then bring a draft schedule or tentative class list along with your advising folder. Please arrive on time as meetings may be rescheduled if you are more than 10 minutes late.


Prospective Student?

Not a student yet and want to make an appointment? Email us at biobiougradadv@tamu.edu or give us a call at 979-458-1136! We’ll gladly help you!


Force Requests and Prerequisites

Next force request dates: TBA

Force requests must be submitted from your TAMU email address. Force requests submitted from other email accounts will be discarded.

Please be aware that force requests DO NOT guarantee you a spot in the course. We process force requests based on graduation needs first, then by date/time stamp.

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Biochemistry and Genetics Double Major

It is possible to double major in biochemistry and genetics and graduate on time. This decision will need to be made early on and will need to be thoroughly discussed with an advisor. To learn more about what it takes to double major in biochemistry genetics review the degree plan here. For more details set up an appointment with your advisor.


Minoring in Biochemistry or Genetics

A biochemistry or genetics minor is a great complement to other STEM degrees and a great addition for those interested in medicine.

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Scholarships and Awards

The department has several scholarships given to exceptional biochemistry or genetics students annually. Learn how to apply and what the qualifications for each scholarship are.

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Biochemistry and Genetics Curriculum

Learn about the coursework involved in each degree. Click to review the degree plans.


Degree Plans

Undergraduate Research

All students majoring in biochemistry or genetics are required to fulfill 4 credit hours of research and are encouraged to get additional research experience. Research experience is critical for entering a career in industry, or for pursuing a professional or graduate degree.

Undergraduate networking and professional development

The Biochemistry and Genetics Society (BGS) is an undergraduate organization for those interested in graduate school, medical school, and scientific careers.



Academic Calendar

The University Academic Calendar provides information regarding important dates in the Academic Year (e.g. semester start and end dates, Q-drop deadlines, pre-registration and registration dates, etc.)


Course Catalog

The undergraduate catalog provides information about the academic programs of Texas A&M University. Included is information concerning admissions, academic regulations and requirements, services available to students, academic offerings, and a list of the administrative officers and faculty of the University.


Career Center

The Career Center is a great place for help with resumes, applications, interview preparation, etc. Be sure to check out their Office of Professional School Advising for in-depth information about medical, professional and graduate schools!


Tell Somebody

As a member of this University community, if you observe any behavior that is concerning you may report the behavior using the online report form or by contacting one of the Special Situations Team members during business hours. The Special Situations Team is comprised of University faculty and staff charged with helping students, faculty, and staff who are exhibiting concerning behavior.

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Emergency Resources

When there’s an emergency, you’ve got to be prepared. It’s important to have the resources you need — information, updates, and planning — all linked from a central place. Whether an emergency is a long way off, happening right now, or has already passed, you’ll know what to do, where to go, and how to respond.

TAMU emergency resources



Visit the Maps website for information about buildings, parking, points of interest, and more!


Hullabaloo U

Hullabaloo U is Texas A&M’s first-year experience course. First-year students will learn about Hullabaloo U during their New Student Conference and select your desired opportunity during course registration. These courses are specifically designed to help new first-year students make a successful transition to campus, both academically and personally.

Hullabaloo U


Kaitlyn McGaff, Undergraduate Program Coordinator
Dr. Tim Devarenne, Associate Head for Undergraduate Programs

Office:  Biochemistry Building (BICH), Room 104
Phone:  979-458-1136
Office Hours:  Monday – Friday  8:00 AM – 5:00 PM
Email: biobiougradadv@ag.tamu.edu