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Undergraduate advising is centralized through the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences (COALS). Visit the COALS advising page for more information.

Biochemistry and Genetics Advisors

Preparing for a Meeting

To prepare for your meeting, bring a list of questions or issues you would like to discuss. If you need assistance with your schedule or long-term planning, then bring a draft schedule or tentative class list along with your advising folder. Please arrive on time as meetings may be rescheduled if you are more than 10 minutes late.

Prospective Students

Not a student yet and want to make an appointment? Email us at biobiougradadv@tamu.edu or give us a call at 979-458-1136! We’ll gladly help you!


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Biochemistry and Genetics Double Major

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Biochemistry and Genetics Curriculum

Undergraduate Research

All students majoring in biochemistry or genetics are required to fulfill 4 credit hours of research and are encouraged to get additional research experience. Research experience is critical for entering a career in industry, or for pursuing a professional or graduate degree.

Undergraduate networking and professional development

The Biochemistry and Genetics Society (BGS) is an undergraduate organization for those interested in graduate school, medical school, and scientific careers.


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Office:  Room 114, Kleberg Center
Phone:  979-458-1136
Office Hours:  Monday – Friday  8 a.m. – 5 p.m.
Email: biobiougradadv@tamu.edu