Graduate Program Handbook

The Graduate Program Handbook details departmental policies and procedures and serves as a guide for BCBP graduate students.

Committee meeting protocols

OGAPS has changed how they process forms. Please download the following document to find an up-to-date procedure for submitting forms through OGAPS. Detailed procedures are also available on the OGAPS website. When filling out OGAPS forms please list Prof. Jean-Philippe Pellois not Prof. Wand as Department Head. As the Associate Head of the Graduate Program, Prof. Pellois is responsible for form approval. For the Staff Graduate Advisor please list Amber D. Salvato ( as she handles graduate advising for the program.


Advisory committee meeting


Preliminary exam


Annual committee meetings


Thesis defense

Degree plan and petitions

Submit Degree Plans and petitions through OGAPS DPSS.


Please refer to the Graduate Handbook for an extensive list of departmental and university resources.

Want to apply for awards and fellowships?

Advising help

Need help? Contact the graduate office:
+1 (979) 845-1013