The President's Excellence Fund Symposium, took place on Thursday, April 4, which was held in the Annenberg Presidential Conference Center. The symposium consisted of presentations given by X-Grant award recipients and poster sessions by T3 award recipients. Four of our faculty were T3 award recipients: Drs. Tatyana Igumenova, Frank Raushel, Jim Sacchettini, and Junjie Zhang.

The labs of Drs. Tatyana Igumenova, Frank Raushel and Jim Sacchettini collaborated in their work of: "Flourine NMR Spectroscopy As A Probe Of Molecular Structure And Dynamics."

Dr. Junjie Zhang's lab collaborated with the labs of Dr. Yang Shen (Engineering) and Dr. Jianhua Huang (Science) on their work of: "Characterize Functional Motions Of Macromolecules By Cryo-Em, Statisical And Computational Modeling."