Every year in October, we host our Departmental Flower Fundraiser. This enables us to host events in order to raise money to buy flowers for those who incur a hospital stay, give birth, adopt, or lose a family member. This year, we hosted a Hula Hoop Competition, Costume Contest and Door Decorating Contest. Throughout the month of October, we were able to raise $1368.66, which was more than last year!! We're looking forward to see what next year brings us! The top four professors with the most amount of money in their cans competed in the Hula Hoop Competition and showed off their skills on October 31 in the lobby of BioBio. Dr. Kurouski- $257.39 Dr. Dangott- $210.49 Dr. Kaplan- $141.26 Dr. Cho- $139.00 We had eight contestants for our Costume Contest! For our Door Decorating contest, we had six doors submitted. 1st Place: Panin Lab 2nd Place: Dangott Lab 3rd Place: Undergraduate Office 4th Place: Graduate/Admin Office 5th Place: Betty's Office 6th Place: Rafael's Office