Dr. Mary Bryk and Dr. Gary Kunkel are back it again with coordinating a summer research experience for undergraduates who come from all over the United States. We hope they enjoy their experience and summer here with us at Texas A&M University! Maybe we'll even get lucky and some will apply to our graduate program in the future! Please help us welcome our new REU students!

Top Row: Dr. Mary Bryk and Dr. Gary Kunkel
6th Row: Tyler Higbee, Xing-Han Zhang, Ishan Rison
5th Row: Pedro Monagas-Valentin, Gloria Patron Fidalgo, James Corban
4th Row: Morgan Chapman, Kaci Martin, Morgan Powers
3rd Row: Gabriella Hinojosa, Dessiah Phillips, Sophia (Frankie) Antillon, Gabriella Webster
2nd Row: Osiris Lopez, Peace Shobayo, Jordyn Dobson
Front Row: Mandy Eckhardt, Glory Onajobi, Lucasantiago Henze Macias