Dr. Josh Wand, Dr. Xiuren Zhang, Dr. Junjie Zhang, Terry Lovingshimer

The AgriLife Research Awards were presented last week on Thursday, January 9, 2020. We had two faculty and one staff member representing the Department of Biochemistry and Biophysics!

The first of the awards were presented to the Faculty Fellows, whom AgriLife Research established in 1998 to acknowledge and reward exceptional research faculty within the agency. Upon second recognition, a Faculty Fellow is designated a Senior Faculty Fellow. Faculty Fellow and Senior Faculty Fellow designations are permanent and become a part of the individual’s title. The winner of this new title was Dr. Xiuren Zhang!

Secondly, Texas A&M AgriLife Research established the Early Career Award for Research Excellence in 2018 as a recognition to Dr. William A. Dugas upon his retirement. This $5,000 annual award honors an early career AgriLife Research Faculty member who has made an exceptional contribution to the agency and research in the prior year. This year’s winner was Dr. Junjie Zhang!

Finally, the Texas A&M AgriLife Research Director’s Awards seeks to recognize and reward the achievements of individuals and teams with outstanding work to support their research mission. Meritorious accomplishments are recognized through 5 award categories: Research Scientist of the Year, Administrative Staff Support Award, Technical Staff Support Award, Infrastructure/IT Staff Award, and Collaboration Award. The winner of the Infrastructure/IT Staff award was presented to Terry Lovingshimer!

Congratulations to you all!!