(No pictures of this event were taken as far we know, so these will have to suffice!) At the December 18, 2017 Holiday Celebration the staff presented Dr. Gregory D. Reinhart with a plaque to recognize his 17 years of service as their boss, leader, friend, colleague and department head. Words cannot express how much Dr.Reinhart, and his wife, Ruth Reinhart, have meant to so many of us. From watching our babies being born, to seeing them grow into Aggies themselves. You have inspired us and encouraged us and have made us all feel like family. Although the staff would prefer to hold onto you, we know that we have to let go and embrace the change that is coming our way. We feel confident that you have set the mark very high for this person to follow, and for that we are truly grateful! Thanks Greg and Ruth for loving us, inspiring us, spoiling us and leading us. We love you both! Gig'em