Why Major in Genetics?

Training the next generation of leaders in science and medicine.

What is Genetics?

  • Genetics is the study of heredity and the variation of inherited traits.
  • Geneticists study gene function and regulation, including the role of genes in disease and health.
  • Geneticists make use of natural molecular machines to create and manipulate genetic material in both living and controlled systems.

What can I do with a BS in Genetics?

A BS in Biochemistry equips students with the skillset required for success in graduate, medical, or professional school. Many of our students opt to join the workforce, securing positions in biotechnology and pharmaceutical research.

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Initially, I didn’t really know what was involved with biochemistry and its role in medicine, but after freshman year, I learned how Biochemistry draws information and techniques from different disciplines across basic science such as chemistry, biology, and physics and integrates them into one subject. I enjoy the atmosphere of the Biochemistry and Genetics department because of the sense of collaboration and teamwork between students. The staff is always supportive and eager to help us understand the information and serve as mentors for us by answering any questions about my future and career choice. Whenever I’m not in lab, I am hanging out with friends or participating in Tradition based organizations. I also love to stay active and enjoy time outside.

Michael Teve, Undergraduate

Biochemistry and Genetics curriculum

Review the coursework and degree plans for both degrees here.

How do I minor in Biochemistry or Genetics?

A biochemistry or genetics minor is a great complement to other STEM degrees. Learn more here!

How can I get involved in research?

Experience the thrill of discovery firsthand!


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