Sumana Datta

Assistant Provost, Honors Program

Honors and undergraduate research programming, diversity and inclusion in undergraduate programs, hunger/food insecurity and student success

Office:HEND / 213

Dr. Datta currently focuses on increasing the types and success of students participating in honors, undergraduate research, and learning communities including but not limited to major/discipline, rural/urban upbringing, sex/gender identity, ethnicity, religion, income level, political viewpoint, and educational background.

Inclusivity in honors and undergraduate research programming.

We are examining how changes in areas such as application procedures, workshop programming, and recruiting language affect the ability of all students to see themselves as desirable participants and to successfully apply to, participate in, learn from, and complete our programs.

Food insecurity on college campuses

We are exploring ways to create a network of faculty, staff, students, and community organizations who are interested in addressing the problem of hunger or food insecurity on our campus, in our area, the state, nation, and world. We are specifically focused on understanding the extent and causes of hunger/food insecurity among college freshmen at TAMU, and developing stable collaborative programs to address the problem.