President’s Excellence Fund Symposium

April 16, 2019

The President’s Excellence Fund Symposium, took place on Thursday, April 4, which was held in the Annenberg Presidential Conference Center. The symposium consisted of presentations given by X-Grant award recipients and poster sessions by T3 award recipients. Four of our faculty were T3 award recipients: Drs. Tatyana Igumenova, Frank Raushel, Jim Sacchettini, and Junjie Zhang.

The labs of Drs. Tatyana Igumenova, Frank Raushel and Jim Sacchettini collaborated in their work of: “Flourine NMR Spectroscopy As A Probe Of Molecular Structure And Dynamics.”

Dr. Junjie Zhang’s lab collaborated with the labs of Dr. Yang Shen (Engineering) and Dr. Jianhua Huang (Science) on their work of: “Characterize Functional Motions Of Macromolecules By Cryo-Em, Statisical And Computational Modeling.”