Prospective Students

The goal of our graduate training program is to develop the next generation of independent and successful scientists who can tackle any problem at any scale. The kind of scientists who change the world.

We accomplish this goal with a rigorous and cutting-edge graduate curriculum, close advising support, state-of-the-art facilities, and research and training opportunities with a dedicated faculty of over thirty accomplished scientists spanning a wide range of research subjects. We measure our success by our alumni, a diverse network of former students who thrive in multi-disciplinary careers.

Come join our dynamic community of scientists and scholars and help us solve some of the more challenging problems in the biomedical sciences. 

Why Biochemistry and Biophysics?

  • Highly diverse research options
  • A graduate curriculum tailored to your training goals
  • A dedicated and diverse faculty determined to help you succeed
  • Alumni success 
  • Career opportunities
  • Community oriented and supportive atmosphere
  • Highly active graduate student organization, with representation