Faculty Retreat

April 14, 2020
L to R: Pingwei Li, Xiuren Zhang, Betty Cotton, Ry Young, Jean-Philippe Pellois, Justine deGruyter, Vishal Gohil, Junjie Zhang, Jorge Cruz-Reyes, John Mullet, Mary Bryk, Hays Rye, Jennifer Herman, Alfredo Caro, Tom Meek, Melissa Kay, Terry Lovingshimer, Shelley Pozzi, Dmitry Kurouski, Tatyana Igumenova, Josh Wand, Dorothy Shippen, Tim Devarenne, Lanying Zeng, Paul Straight, Megan Reynolds, Frank Raushel, Jane Pishko, Greg Reinhart, Jeff Kapler, Gary Kunkel, Jim Hu, Bill Park, Nicki Ayres, Margy Glasner, Ping He, Michael Polymenis

The majority of the faculty ventured off to attend a retreat at The Artesian Lakes in Cleveland, TX over the weekend of November 15, 2019. It was enjoyed by all, but it was truly a packed agenda to get ideas, suggestions, and strategies out in the open.  It was very informative, well organized and helped highlight the challenges our department will be facing in the future.  Everyone appreciated interacting with other faculty that they usually don’t get an opportunity to meet with.  Tall tales were shared by the campfire and admired by all.