Congressman Bill Flores Receives Education from Our Students

March 29, 2018

Keya Mukherjee (Raushel Lab) is an officer with an organization called Aggies in Science, Technology and Engineering Policy (ASTEP). Through ASTEP they had invited Congressman Bill Flores to tour a few labs in the ILSB in order for him to get a sense of how federal tax dollars are being spent in science labs. Students had an opportunity to meet with him and ask him questions. The purpose of the meeting is to serve as an interface between scientists and law makers, which is an important aspect of being involved in science policy.

Dr. Junjie Zhang with Congressman Bill Flores

At the bench is where discoveries are made!

Karl Gorzelnik breaking it down in understandable jargon.

Pictures always give a clear understanding, right?

What about hand motions?

Q&A Time