Unraveling the Mysteries

Research Faculty

Meet Jae-Hyun Cho, one of our many accomplished research faculty. Jae-Hyun Cho’s Lab includes research focused on protein-protein interactions, NMR, crystallography, structural biology, protein motion, inhibitor development, influenza virus, ....

Recent Publications

  1. Arabidopsis ETHYLENE RESPONSE FACTOR 8 (ERF8) has dual functions in ABA signaling and immunity.
  2. Variation in energy sorghum hybrid TX08001 biomass composition and lignin chemistry during development under irrigated and non-irrigated field conditions.
  3. Investigation of macrophage polarization using bone marrow derived macrophages.
  4. Efficient and Innocuous Liveā€Cell Delivery: Making Membrane Barriers Disappear to Enable Cellular Biochemistry
  5. Effect of oxygen levels on the fatty acids and lipids of Mucor rouxii.
  6. Molecular characterization of the patatin multigene family of potato.
  7. Quantitative Yeast Genetic Interaction Profiling of Bacterial Effector Proteins Uncovers a Role for the Human Retromer in Salmonella Infection.
  8. 1,1-Bis (3'-indolyl)-1-(p-substitutedphenyl)methane compounds inhibit lung cancer cell and tumor growth in a metastasis model.